Cypress CS-HH High End HDMI Verstärker mit integriertem Signalverstärker

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CS-HH - HDMI CDR with Equalizer

The CS-HH HDMI CDR with Equalizer can retransmit a video signal without any loss. An extremely compact device, this system has a built-in CDR (Clock Data Recovery) equalizer that allows for long-range video transmission of Deep Color Video.

The CS-HH can also serve as an interim booster in complicated installations where dozens of devices are connected and weak signal points can occur due to the cascading of multiple layers of video. Designed to receive power from input equipment, the CS-HH is a compact way to boost weak
video signals.


* Support TMDS equalizer and CDR (Clock Data Recovery) for long distance transmission
* Supports video resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz
* No power supply is required


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